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Battery and power supply for medical infusion pump 2015-12-30

Medical infusion pump is a new type of intelligent medical infusion products. Because of the special nature of its users and the use of the environment, the battery requirements are also very special. For example, the input and output of the battery must be used on the same port for the safety and convenience of the related personnel. The battery must have charging-discharging electricity pilot lamp. The pilot lamp must always be on so that the patient and the relevant personnel observe it constantly. Battery safety and fire rating must meet the special requirements of medical products.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, medical services and medical products are constantly improved, new medical products of traditional fixed medical equipment continue to be flexible, high accuracy and intelligent replaced. The spare lithium battery for the medical infusion pump provides stable and continuous power supply for the fixed and movable use of the infusion pump, and is in a safe, efficient, continuous and steady working state at all times!

1)Input and output characteristics: the output and output adopt the same port, and the automatic switching function is adopted according to the special requirement of the medical treatment.

1、Output characteristics: In the case of no charge, the DC line output port of the battery automatically outputs 5V/2A characteristics.

2、Input feature: plug in the DC output line with the 9V/2A adapter, and the battery is automatically charged.

3、Status: 9V/2A has no output state when charging, and automatically switches the output 5V/2.5A state when 9V/2A is removed.


Minimum value

Type value

Maximum value(Max.)


Input voltage





Input Current





Output voltage





Output Current





4)Discharge status: when the lamp is off, it can support discharge for about 10-20 minutes.

Ⅱ. Design scheme of lithium battery for medical infusion pump

1)Intelligent step-down module circuit: Mainly for the adapter input 9V/2A, DC conversion, DC into suitable for two series lithium battery CC/CV charging mode, and the two series of lithium battery step-down into 5V/2A voltage regulator output state. Also enable automatic switchover to input and output status.

2)The protection board (PCM): The main protection circuit design of rechargeable lithium battery pack. Because of its chemical properties, the lithium battery needs to provide intelligent power calculation, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, over-current and over temperature protection functions to avoid fire, explosion and other hazards.

3)Protection IC: Chip,the main protection function of the design scheme, monitors the battery cells with overcharge, over discharge, over-current, short circuit and so on to make cells work in a safe, stable and efficient range.

2)Circuit design requirements:

1、Single cell overcharge protection voltage: 4.35±0.25V

2、Single cell overcharge recovery voltage: 4.15±0.50V

3、Single cell over discharge protection voltage: 2.40±0.08V

4、Single cell over discharge recovery voltage: 3.00±0.10V

5、Battery pack overcurrent protection value(10ms): 20~30A

6、Battery pack over temperature protection value (recoverable): 70±5℃

7、The finished battery also has short circuit and reverse charge protection.

3)Solution requirements for cycle life of batteries:300~500 times(National standard for charge and discharge)

Ⅲ. Drawings and real pictures of battery products

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