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Services Concept

Lee&Jack Power to improve customer satisfaction as the center, from the construction of a complete system after-sales service. Lee&Jack people adhering to the "customer satisfaction, our goal" service concept, with its own excellent technical strength and international management team, to create a complete service system. To improve customer satisfaction as the center, focusing on providing customers with more timely, more efficient and more convenient service and continuous efforts to blaze new trails.

Lee&Jack Power in providing you with all kinds of advanced batteries at the same time, through the company's customer support system, in the 5S after-sales service quality policy under the guidance of further providing you with a full range of technical services. Lee&Jack Power's complete customer support system is the guarantee of keeping through.

Lee&Jack Power has a strong technical force, is now by the hotline services, technical services to form a full range of after-sales service system so that customers do not have to worry about the worries.

  • 1Hotline service

    Online orders, inquiries, delivery, etc., and troubleshooting, battery repair, application of special services, receive product information, information request, product number query and event complaints and other aspects of consultation, service time: Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am to the afternoon: 5:30 Online QQ: 41167039 Hotline: +86-0755-82778618

  • 2Parts management

    In after-sales service, for the majority of users with thousands of battery accessories in the company's warehouses and spare parts warehouse also stored thousands of parts, not only to ensure that the common battery supply work, but also to ensure common Zero part of the reserve, update, custody, send, contact and other related after-sales matters.

  • 3Tech support

    In order to shorten the time to solve after the failure, precise correspond to the on-site service personnel, technical support will use a variety of responsible personnel and business training, and contact the plant engineering department, or contact the relevant compliance, with the fastest speed, the most accurate way to help solve the problem.

  • 4Resource sharing

    Medical equipment, OTDR machines and other instrumentation equipment, battery installation, battery performance optimization, precautions, and the management of the battery module, etc., our network directly to provide information free download, share resources!

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