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Service Description

Product after-sales service undertaking

My company service tenet: understanding, respect, efficient, responsible, doubts, providing lifelong after-sales service!

Our company service goal: you only use the rest of us to solve. Safeguard the interests of customers, adhere to the principle of good faith service!

Lee&Jack Power in line with "high quality, excellent service, strives for the development" of the spirit, to "quality products, reasonable price, considerate service" concept and the principle of openness, responsible for the solemn promise to you:

1. The products are issued with inspection certificates and appropriate instructions for use, to ensure that users can correctly install and use our products.

2. Our company guarantees that the products manufactured by the factory are manufactured and tested according to the relevant national standards. Ensure strict performance, cash products Three Guarantees, strictly implement the relevant provisions of national industrial products customer service service, the products of the factory 12 months from the date of the shipment or installation of the product within 12 months warranty, if the buyer can prove that the product is the company that accords with the correct installation and use; to confirm the product itself is designed, material or processing defects, and submit a written application to the company, the company will be responsible for the defective products recall free repair, replacement or refund according to the purchase price.

3. Users of our products quality objections, the company promised to receive user objections within 24 hours to make comments. If the on-site solution is required, the professional technical service personnel shall be dispatched, and the quality problems will not be solved and the service personnel will not be evacuated. We will file the product quality problems and the result of each user feedback.

4. In any case, the company does not undertake labor, materials, equipment, engineering or other related expenses resulting from the maintenance and replacement of defective products. The company's after-sales service promise can replace other express or implied form of product quality guarantee, and can be regarded as

Sole compensation of the buyer and sole liability of the seller.

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