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Company Philosophy

On-demand development: one-to-one tailor-made optimization programs and products

Positive response: 24 hours to provide a full range of professional docking services

Lifetime maintenance: to provide life after-sales service and technical support

Our vision is to become a world-class battery supplier!

Our mission is to create low-carbon life with technology, with new energy for the benefit of all mankind.

Our aim is to serve customers, the benefit of employees, return shareholders, contributing to society!

Our spirit is focus, hard work, service, efficient!

Our style is democratic focus, in the end, bear the responsibility, never give up!

Our values are:

1, faith: employees and businesses have a common interest and dreams together to create a great cause!

2, self-confidence: optimistic, friendly, there must be faith, only think, no can not do!

3, life: happy work, enjoy life!

4, customers: wholeheartedly for customers to create value!

5, the principle: the system first, the boss second!

6, pragmatic: the key work is not just to ask questions but to develop a detailed program to implement, and solve the problem!

7, the team: unite as one, its profit!

8, criticism: criticism is a kind of love, making mistakes is not terrible, terrible is the lack of recognition and improvement of the wrong courage!

9, the responsibility: the customer is responsible for their own, responsible for the enterprise, socially responsible!

10, review: responsible person first responsibility, I was the root of all!

11, thanksgiving: with a grateful heart of life, with the heart of love to do the cause!

Our core philosophy:

1, the concept of survival: no way back, do not like the worry, no death!

2, the growth concept: hardship is a compulsory course!

3, the development of ideas: open mind, build a learning organization, advocate change, continue to break the balance, spiral forward!

4, innovative ideas: diligent observation, positive thinking, the pursuit of better, innovative!

5, business philosophy: to help customers implement the dream, to help employees implement the dream, the way to achieve the dream of the enterprise!

6, management philosophy: first example, do management, all management for love!

7, the concept of competition: beyond the self; always better than the competitors!

8, the concept of progress: today than yesterday, a little progress!

9, the sales concept: love to sell, I believe that their own sales of products and services to customers to bring more value!

10, service concept: customer-centric, rapid response, fine service, to ensure customer satisfaction!

11, the quality of the concept: When the quality and cost of conflict, the quality of the first! When the quality and progress of the conflict, the quality of the first!

12, wealth concept: growth is the first wealth of life!

13, the work of philosophy: their own job is the highest responsible person and experts!

14, life philosophy: stresses the principle, keep the order, integrity, self-discipline!

15, employing the concept: believe that the company culture is excellent talent; set benchmark, the potential to play to the extreme!

16, communication concept: empathy, intentions heart!

17, promotion concept: conduct is a pass, the performance is the right to speak, training talent, to be promoted!

18, the concept of success: ordinary people to pursue goals, excellent people beyond the goal, excellence to create a miracle!

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