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Lee&Jack Power has a study of nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium batteries for many years, hardware and software research and development capabilities excellent engineering and technical team, and always concerned about the development of lithium batteries and the latest applications. We maintain long-term and stable cooperative relations with TI, SII, RICOH, AXIM, MITSUMI, O2Micro, SANYO, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, SONY, MOLICEL and other world chip and cell manufacturers, and apply the latest technological achievements and ideas In a full range of product development process. We can provide ODM / OEM service to provide customers with three-dimensional lithium battery application solution according to customer's request or product use, specification, working current, working temperature, communication mode, protection setting, charge management, integrated circuit and so on.

Provide with a comprehensive personalized solution:

Design and development of battery protection circuit, design and development of battery module BMS management system, design and development of software and various communication schemes, design and development of product ID modeling and structure, safety / environment / electrical performance / probability test and verification

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