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Test Center

We focus on quality, set up a test center. (Note: battery reliability testing items: 31, battery safety testing items: 17, finished battery test items: 14) Composed of four laboratories: safety laboratory, environmental laboratory, environmental protection laboratory and electrical performance laboratory, It can complete the whole project testing and certification of original / auxiliary materials, spare parts and battery modules. The testing technology meets international standards.

Electrical laboratory Safety lab Environmental laboratory Ecolo Labo

Mainly for the finished battery pack charge and discharge performance, overcharge and over discharge detection, volume measurement test, smart battery learning test. Applicable to lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries, carbon batteries, alkaline batteries, lithium manganese button batteries and other battery testing. Can be set separately constant pressure, constant current, constant resistance, cycle and other modes. Powerful, computer software control, single point, multi-point control, interface type complete, efficient and safe. Data collection, report production and integration. Equipped with blue battery lithium battery cabinet, rechargeable battery sub-cabinet, the new Granville, Rui can aging test cabinet, a battery automatic discharge test cabinet and other testing equipment part of the instrument described below:

CTS-20V5A-GGS: for the test of laptop battery, medical equipment, battery, power tool battery, mobile backup battery

Mainly used for lithium-ion battery formation, capacity sorting, matching, charging and discharging and cycle life testing, to ensure that the monomer, especially multi string and combination of the overall performance of the battery. Instrument characteristics:

1. Each cabinet has 48 separate channels for battery life testing (Circle, Life, Testing), quality control.

2. Has the SMbus-GGS module interface, reads and processes the Gas Gauge data.

3. Has the real-time Gas Gauge data comparison function, conforms to the SBS1.1 specification, may load the special factory instruction (Manufacture Access Command).

4. Accurately test the actual capacity of the battery pack and determine whether the actual capacity (FCC) meets the design capacity (DSC).

5. Complete battery charging and discharge test to find out the existing and potential quality problems of the battery.

6. Life testing (Circle, Life, Test), quality control, sales of battery information management.

7. The battery storehouse is added to facilitate the placement of batteries, and the safety of the testing process is ensured.

Power battery test system:

1. Support battery pack of independent charging circuit and discharging circuit, test charging management function.

2. Current and voltage output for soft start design, to avoid battery connector jitter and form current shocks.

3. Current source open circuit voltage limiting design to avoid open circuit high voltage output.

4. Devices are fully independent of each channel, independent programmable constant voltage source and constant current source.

5. Can also support the test of Ni MH battery package and lithium battery pack.

6. With power failure data protection, call back from the current function of the work.

7. Support intelligent power battery "product test function" includes Gauge data on the BMS to read, write and contrast function, BMS data download function, the dynamic load impedance test (DCR), overcurrent protection (OCP) test function, within the PACK MOSFET ability failure test function, software automatic detection of battery testing automatic recording function, the output test result indicating function.

Rechargeable battery automatic test equipment:

Mainly used for monomer nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium battery formation, capacity sorting, matching, charging and discharging and cycle life testing, to ensure that the monomer, especially the string and battery combination of the overall performance. Instrument characteristics:

1. Double sided structure, each cabinet has 16 constant current source control, each constant current source of 48 series battery charging and discharging, the whole cabinet can test 768 batteries.

2. Voltage sampling is non-contact switch mode, long life and high reliability.

3. Friendly man-machine interface, can be arbitrarily set up to 6 charge discharge step combination, can modify the upper and lower voltage, - a V set.

4. Has the function of automatic voltage calibration and battery clamping intelligent judgement, which ensures the test to be accurate and reliable.

5. Software is powerful and easy to operate. It can realize the functions of centralized measurement and control, data processing, curve saving and report making.

6. Has the function of data power-off protection.

CDS5V-100A-CD for power core formation test:

Automatic discharge test system of DM-2000 type battery can carry out constant resistance discharge test for various primary batteries according to IEC standard, national standard and trade standard (including pulse test).

The automatic discharge detection system for DM-2000 batteries is a fully automatic off-line operation system with two levels of control. It consists of a master computer and several discharge cabinets which are configured according to the user's requirements. The master computer can monitor or withdraw the discharge process at any time, and the discharge detection is not affected. Operating system software to Windows98 (and above) as a platform, graphical user interface, easy to use. The discharge summary is displayed and printed in Excel2000, and files are formed at the same time. The resulting files (including curves) can be adjusted, displayed, printed, or sent through the E-mail in Excel2000. Each discharge cabinet has separate single-chip computer control systems and power systems that can operate from the main engine and operate under power failures. All gold-plated adjustable clamp, support single point, multi-point control.

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